2018 Finalists: Best Event Management Company in Australia


Event Planet is once again thrilled to announce it has been selected as a finalist for the Best Australian Event Management Company of the Year at the 2018 Australian Event Awards!

Having won the award back-to-back in 2012 and 2013, and then been a highly commended finalist in 2014, 2015 and 2016 Event Planet is the only event management agency in Australia to have been so consistently recognised by the Australian Event Awards.

Following a rigorous first round of judging by event industry leaders and experts around Australia, Event Planet’s place amongst the National Finalists has the weight of the industry behind it.

Entries are judged on all aspects of the achievement including innovation, best practice and sustainability as well as the achievement’s contribution to events and the difficulties encountered in executing it.

Winners of the Australian Event Awards will be announced at a lavish Awards Ceremony on 21 November on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

The team at Event Planet would like to send out a huge thank you to all our amazing clients and fantastic suppliers – without you we couldn’t do what we do. Bring on the big night!



Moet et Chandon – World’s Largest Champagne Tasting


To celebrate World Champagne Day, Moët & Chandon hosted the World’s Largest Champagne Tasting at the Sydney Opera House and broke a Guinness World Record!

715 guests attended the champagne tasting event breaking the previous record set by Sweden with 696 participants in 2015.

Internationally recognised authority on champagne, Tyson Stelzer and media personality Lisa Wilkinson guided guests through a bespoke tasting of Moët & Chandon’s greatest champagnes – starting with Moët & Chandon Imperial, Rosé Imperial and Grand Vintage 2008.

See all the excitement of this event in the video below:

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Land Rover Polo Club Melbourne


For Land Rover’s VIP marquee at the national Polo in the City series, Event Planet stepped away from the typical marquee design and instead produced an installation that created the ideal stage to animate and activate the brand.

The crisp white and navy structure featured nautical exposed beam awnings, maritime lighting fixtures and inbuilt banquette seating.

Check out the Hampton’s inspired VIP client marquee in the video below.

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International Conference – Sydney


Produced by Event Planet – a unique international conference in Sydney for 180 guests from over 40 different countries. This four day program included high-tech conferencing and quintessentially Australian team building and dining experiences.

View footage from the conference plenary sessions below.

For more information on this event click here.

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Cable Beach Polo


Cable Beach Polo in Broome, Western Australia, is the only beach polo event of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

This glamourous two-day event saw world-class polo players battling it out on a field of sand while the spectators sipped Veuve Clicquot from the comfort of the VIP marquee set on the famous beach.

Delivering a luxury event in such a remote location was a challenge but a successful one! The weekend included two days of polo tournaments with VIP hospitality marquee, a dinner under the stars on Cable Beach as well as meticulous planning and logistics behind the scenes.

See all the glamour and excitement of this event in the video below.

For more information on this event click here.

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‘Game, Set and Moet’ with Roger Federer


Moet et Chandon introduced their global ambassador, Roger Federer, at an exclusive event on the roof top at Crown Melbourne during the Australian Open.

To celebrate the occasion, Event Planet produced a world-class activation featuring a tiny tennis court complete with Moet et Chandon branded racquets and balls, surrounded by two 7-metre long standalone feature walls.

Guests were treated to a Q&A with Roger Federer plus photo and autograph opportunities and a tiny tennis challenge with the final round umpired by the legend himself.

See all the glamour and excitement of this event in the video below.

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2018 Autumn Racing Carnival


It was all blue skies and sunshine at Royal Randwick for the 2018 Autumn Racing Carnival. Event Planet once again returned trackside to deliver highly engaging consumer experiences for client’s Moet Hennessy and Tabcorp.

  • Moet Hennessy Pop-Up Bars

Event Planet produced four fun and colourful pop-up bars for brands Veuve Clicquot, Moet & Chandon, Chandon and Chandon S. Each setting provided a unique vantage point for race goers to sit back and enjoy a celebratory drink with friends as well as the perfect photo opportunity to remember a great day out. Check out all the activations in the video below:

  • Tabcorp Hospitality Marquee and Consumer Experiences

Tabcorp hosted clients within the Tabcorp Oaks Lawn marquee designed and executed by Event Planet. This year Chef Brent Savage (Monopole, Cirrrus, Yellow, Bentley) was engaged to create a superb canape menu and signature cocktail for the day. Guests also indulged in a feature dessert display followed by a whiskey and cheese station. Within the traditional marquee structure provided, and to create a sophisticated venue, Event Planet built a white timber paneled wall around the perimeter in which TV screens and ‘tote machines’ were framed. The wall also allowed for further styling including a feature botanical wallpaper print and shelving for floral styling. Event Planet also designed and constructed a central light installation which was the perfect place for additional floral installations.

To add to the excitement of the day for everyone on track, Event Planet produced and executed TAB interactive consumer experiences including; an innovative virtual reality campaign which gave race goers the chance to experience Australian thoroughbred racing and the thrill of a day in the life of a jockey, as well as a ‘Fantasy Race’ where racing statistics on the great thoroughbreds of the past and present such as Winx, Phar Lap and So You Think, were used to create a virtual race and see who would triumph. You had to be there to know the results of that race….!

See all the glamour and excitement of these activations in the video below:

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The Event Manager Survival Kit


As an Event Manger you need to be a natural organiser, sometimes managing hundreds of people to deliver your event on time and on budget.  It can be daunting and while there are no secret shortcuts to becoming an experienced guru we have created a list of the Top 10 Items Event Managers’ need in their job Survival Kit.

Here’s out list of must-haves when on location at events.

  • 1. A Good Sense of Humour
    A big commitment to an event can make people a little bit stressed as they strive to achieve the maximum return on investment in a short space of time. Occasionally, things can do go wrong! A sense of humour in tricky situations lightens the mood and clears brain power for focusing on averting potentially disastrous situations with quick thinking and sometimes even quicker footwork. At Event Planet, we say, there are always variables to consider so it’s not always what happens but how it’s dealt with that matters most.



  • 2. Tape Measure
    Will the Ice Sculpture (insert any large, unwieldy object here) fit through the doorway? Accurate measurements and a ‘to scale’ floorplan can save a lot of time, risks and nasty surprises during any event set up. “Measure twice, cut once” is a good mantra for any Event Manager.



  • 3. Gaffer Tape
    Event Managers can never have enough gaffer tape at the ready. It’s the one thing to not let out of your sight as it does tend to go walkabout during bump in. If you have a quandary, an errant cable, a trip hazard or something that needs to be displayed on a vertical or horizontal surface ask if gaffer tape fix it? The answer is usually yes. Then the only decision is whether to use black or white or some other colour to make everything look seamless.



  • 4. Cable Ties
    This is the simple plastic tie that can secure many things in many ways. There is nothing worse than an unsightly spaghetti jumble of cords hanging out the back of the AV production desk or at a lectern. Tie it up for presentation and safety.



  • 5. Great Scissors
    Events usually involved a lot of stuff being delivered to the venue in boxes and trying to unpack them under time pressure. Saving stress by have the right tool for the job is the key. Make it easy to get into the boxes by having a great pair of scissors, a Stanley knife or a pocket knife on hand! It also helps if you write your name on them so they don’t grow legs and walk away.



  • 6. Phone Charger and Back Up Power
    Think no party, no power! This item speaks for itself.



  • 7. Double Sided Tape
    This little gem can hide a multitude of sins. It’s great for taping down signage, taping up decorations, stopping flyaway objects on a windy day and, of course, avoiding all kinds of embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions on the catwalk.



  • 8. Production Book or Running Sheet
    Every single moment counts at an event. Make sure everyone on the production team knows exactly what is happening and when – minute by minute, second by second – and who is responsible for doing it. The best events are conducted like an orchestra performance not a solo performance!



  • 9. Cleaning Products
    To ensure every single surface is spic and span a good Event Manager needs a handy suite of cleaning products; spray and wipe, cloths, rubber gloves, towels, Windex, a vacuum cleaner and an eye for detail. The gold standard is for every surface to be so clean someone could eat their dinner off it!


  • 10. Water, Water, Water
    Last but not least, all Event Managers need a well-hydrated brain and body to perform at their best. Make sure there is plenty of water onsite for all the event staff, production crews, promotional staff and others, always.


Have you got anything to add to our list?

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How to create Social Media Buzz


Thanks to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, every person in the world is now a potential media channel. More powerful than TV in its heyday, advocacy on social media is the biggest endorsement a brand can have. But simply having a social presence isn’t enough to get people talking.

Events are an ideal activation opportunity because they give guests a sense of occasion – something special to share. The social chatter starts when you give them a reason to engage with your brand in a unique way, or interact with an exciting new product. Who wouldn’t want to share a pic of them posing with a personality, trying an exclusive new beverage or participating in a quirky experience?

Here at Event Planet, we always design our events with social in mind. And in case you needed any convincing of an event’s ability to turn customers into brand advocates, here’s a quick case in point:  At one of our recent events, a guest list of 400 generated 500+ new followers, 1,400+ social reach, 1,700+ comments and 60,000+ likes.

Want to know how we did it? Read on.


  • Don’t underestimate the power of a media wall

Who doesn’t want a little celebrity treatment? Media walls are a visual invitation for your guests to immerse themselves in the ‘red carpet’ treatment and share with all their friends?  The result? Scores of tweets, insta-shares and Facebook posts before your guests have even stepped foot inside the venue. Click here to learn more about creating a stellar media wall.



  • Not all hashtags are created equal

Cleverly placed hashtags throughout your event will prompt guests to use them. Keep it short (around 10 characters or less) and make it memorable! Create ‘event envy’ by using a hash-tagged event pic as the entry ticket to an interesting, relevant competition – what about quirky treasure hunt that guests need to photograph and share to win?



  • Give your guests a reason to share

Everyone loves sharing special occasions – in fact, social media revolves around it. Clever props or scenes that relate to the brand or theme add a sense of fun and involvement for guests. One of our faves was that time we carved a couch out of snow mid-slope at the Australian ski fields! Even something simple, like riding crop props at racing events, give guests a reason to whip out their smartphone. Roving performers, mixologists or quirky glasses and cocktails are all great reasons to snap and share.



  • Get tech savvy

Photo booths are given at many events – who doesn’t have a photo strip stuck to their fridge? But photo booth suppliers have now applied some serious social smarts when it comes to tracking shares and engagement. In addition to a print out, guests can automatically upload and hashtag their pics. Post-event, you get a detailed report tracking shares, comments, reach and new follower acquisition.



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How to create the ultimate Event Media Wall


Premieres, fashion launches, award nights – if it’s a press-worthy event, you’ll be looking to leverage some serious brand visibility from the party snaps. After all, what would a red carpet affair be without a suitably luxe backdrop?

A media wall is often the first opportunity your guests have to participate with you or your client’s brand, so it’s important to make it count. Gone are the days of splashing a logo on a static white background – today’s media walls are contextual and immersive, giving guests the opportunity to participate in an insta-worthy ‘invite only’ experience.

The hottest trends in events media walls right now are all about surprise and delight: think gorgeous living flower walls a’la Australian Turf Club Spring Carnival, or the multidimensional 3D lettering we used at Land Rover Polo, Marks & Spencer and Cable Beach Polo. But take it from us – there’s more to getting your media wall backdrop right than meets the eye.

Here, we share our must-do checklist for building a media wall to launch a thousand tweets:

  • Work with the best
    The last thing you want is a less-than-awesome surprise on event day. Working with an experienced event manager and / or event wall supplier means you’ll get a quality finished product that looks great and photographs well.
  • Have wall, will travel?
    First things first – take your logistical requirements into account. Will your media wall be a single use item, or is it needed for several events in a short period of time? Life size lettering media walls are our favourite portable option (they pack-down in a cinch).
  • Design details
    The last thing you want is a giant visible ‘seam’ or join between your media wall banners. And we’re huge fans of matte finishes to minimise glare from the sun, or photographer’s flash. Shorter length walls are great for solo shots of guests, but if you know group photos are on the agenda, play it safe by opting for a longer wall. And be sure to use hi-res logos with generous spacing, so that no matter who is photographed, you or client’s brand will be seen.
Land Rover Media Wall
Veuve retro media wall


  • Practical makes perfect
    Easy assembly = more time for you to enjoy your event. No matter how awe-inspiring it looks, if your media wall is giant hassle to install, it’s honestly not worth it. Sometimes simple really is best!
  • Consider the hashtag
    Every product launch needs a good hashtag. And your media wall is the perfect place to give it pole position – it’s a great way to remind your guests to use it. Keep your short (10 characters or less, please!) and creative; hashtags are a great way to open-up a wider conversation around your event.
  • Photo rehearsal
    An experienced photographer will make all the difference; they’ll be familiar with the lighting and appropriate angles for media walls. Set-up your wall early in the bump-in process so your photographer/s can play around and find the best angles, avoid shadows and generally iron out any potential obstacles that could arise.

Thinking media wall for your next media launch, fashion show or A-list event?

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