How to create Social Media Buzz


Thanks to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, every person in the world is now a potential media channel. More powerful than TV in its heyday, advocacy on social media is the biggest endorsement a brand can have. But simply having a social presence isn’t enough to get people talking.

Events are an ideal activation opportunity because they give guests a sense of occasion – something special to share. The social chatter starts when you give them a reason to engage with your brand in a unique way, or interact with an exciting new product. Who wouldn’t want to share a pic of them posing with a personality, trying an exclusive new beverage or participating in a quirky experience?

Here at Event Planet, we always design our events with social in mind. And in case you needed any convincing of an event’s ability to turn customers into brand advocates, here’s a quick case in point:  At one of our recent events, a guest list of 400 generated 500+ new followers, 1,400+ social reach, 1,700+ comments and 60,000+ likes.

Want to know how we did it? Read on.


  • Don’t underestimate the power of a media wall

Who doesn’t want a little celebrity treatment? Media walls are a visual invitation for your guests to immerse themselves in the ‘red carpet’ treatment and share with all their friends?  The result? Scores of tweets, insta-shares and Facebook posts before your guests have even stepped foot inside the venue. Click here to learn more about creating a stellar media wall.



  • Not all hashtags are created equal

Cleverly placed hashtags throughout your event will prompt guests to use them. Keep it short (around 10 characters or less) and make it memorable! Create ‘event envy’ by using a hash-tagged event pic as the entry ticket to an interesting, relevant competition – what about quirky treasure hunt that guests need to photograph and share to win?



  • Give your guests a reason to share

Everyone loves sharing special occasions – in fact, social media revolves around it. Clever props or scenes that relate to the brand or theme add a sense of fun and involvement for guests. One of our faves was that time we carved a couch out of snow mid-slope at the Australian ski fields! Even something simple, like riding crop props at racing events, give guests a reason to whip out their smartphone. Roving performers, mixologists or quirky glasses and cocktails are all great reasons to snap and share.



  • Get tech savvy

Photo booths are given at many events – who doesn’t have a photo strip stuck to their fridge? But photo booth suppliers have now applied some serious social smarts when it comes to tracking shares and engagement. In addition to a print out, guests can automatically upload and hashtag their pics. Post-event, you get a detailed report tracking shares, comments, reach and new follower acquisition.



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