How to create an awesome Pop-Up Bar


With summer just around the corner, venues all over the country will be thinking about ways to leverage in-venue promotions while maintaining an element of surprise and delight for their customers.

Yes, it is the season of the Pop-Up – and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited to unleash our latest creations across some of Australia’s most premiere venues (stay tuned)! The reason for their popularity is the the Pop-Up Bar is the perfect way to encourage people to socialise with and enjoy your brand.

We know how easy is it to get excited and jump on the Pop-Up bandwagon without a second thought, so if you’ve been toying with the idea of creating your own activation but are unsure of where to start – you’re in the right place.

Here, the Event Planet team share their favourite bite-sized tips for creating a Pop-Up Bar that gets people talking. Cheers to that!


  • Location, location
    First things, first. Sounds simple, but does your target market hang-out at your chosen venue? For example, you wouldn’t put a top-shelf champagne Pop-Up in a grungy hipster ‘dive’ bar.


Veuve Cliquot Pop Up Bar Sydney Opera House

  • Work the room
    Draw on the key features of the venue to work into your Pop-Up Bar design. Is there a pool? Is there a grand staircase, outdoor dining area or beachfront to work with? Considering the context will help to synergise your Pop-Up with the setting. For example, the simple Moet et Chandon Pop-Ups at the races feature elegant floral decorations to tie-in with the season.

EP (25 of 136)_HERO 2


  • Think photo opportunity
    Customers want to participate and feel as though they are involved in your Pop-Up Bar experience. By creating a level of interaction or engagement for guests – a cute hashtag, fun media wall, quirky furniture and dress-up props all encourage customers to snap and share.


photo booths at Pop Up bars


  • Make it inclusive
    The last thing you want when creating a Pop-Up destination is for customers to confuse it with a ‘VIP area’, so keep fencing to a minimum and make sure it looks warm, friendly and inviting – not sterile, or ‘cordoned off’. A good example are the Canadian Club Pop-Ups – the simple, retro design and ‘Farmer’s market stall’ feel make them bold but approachable.



  • Make it modular
    Keeping your design modular and scaleable allows for greater involvement by more venues of different sizes. This flexibility means venues can pick and choose what elements they want for their particular space. The cool, 50s-style diner Veuve Clicquot airstream Pop-Up comes with a range of infrastructure options, from a retro London-inspired phone booth to classic park benches, market umbrellas and branded outdoor furniture, lamp poles, and potted plants.



  • Stylish Branding
    Keeping your branding on point, quirky and relevant. Staff dressed in branded t-shirts or uniforms are mandatory so guests can identify them easily and put a face to the product they are enjoying.  Coasters, napkins, glasses, umbrellas and cushions should carry your logo and tie back with your Pop-Up Bar theme colours. Next, make it unique! We have branded ping pong tables, sandcastles, ponies, pools, florals, living walls and more. Let your imagination run wild!


Are you planning a Pop-Up Bar this summer?

Get in touch and let us design and produce it for you.