Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders at the London Business School


Event Planet’s Production Director, Monique O’Callaghan, has just returned from the London Business School where she was given the opportunity to attend an intensive five day course at the prestigious educational institute. Monique was one of 30 professionals from 19 countries and numerous industries to participate and proudly represent both Event Planet and the Australian events industry.

“I was honoured to represent Event Planet on a global scale. I feel incredibly privileged to have had this experience and the value this will bring to our team, our suppliers and our clients is already evident”.

The course, targeted at individuals transitioning from an individual contributor to a high-performing leader, focused on three key themes: leadership, teams and delivering results. These areas of focus were then brought together by a significant amount of hands on and collaborative group work.

Going into the program, Monique was eager to understand her leadership style and how that can impact the team around her; “for me, it is all about self-awareness and adaptability. Understanding how I lead and knowing when to change my approach is vital in ensuring success in a small team”.

“I learnt that transitioning into a role where you are leading a team often requires a shift in mindset. You are taking a step away from being an individual contributor and instead developing a broader long-term view in terms of strategising and encouraging your team to jump in and get their feet wet; and it is at that point when things get really exciting, where you, as the leader, can watch your team thrive together”.

Monique also notes a new focus going forward for her is “recognising talent within our team, nurturing and supporting that talent and empowering the team to develop their capabilities as the next cohort of leaders in our industry”.

The world-class faculty at London Business School expertly wove their content around case studies and real life situations and exposed the group of young leaders to a range of tips, tools and tactics to take back and implement in their respective work environments. “The knowledge shared and gained was invaluable and the insights gained will be instrumental in defining myself as a leader at Event Planet as well as contributing to our team operations and processes”.

A highlight of the program was the one-on-one executive coaching and peer group coaching. “Over the five days, a tight-knit network was created where we presented our own leadership challenges and provided thoughts, comments and practical tips from our experience to our peer group of five members. I found it extremely interesting that even though we came from such varying professional and cultural backgrounds, the insights and advice that were so freely given were applicable to us all”.

In the words of former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, ‘leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it’. This quote certainly rings true for Monique as she notes, “I am ready to get to work and continue developing our talented team here at Event Planet. Participating in this program has shown me how I can deliver results for our valued clients through others and I can’t wait to get started”.

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