Audi A8 and S8 Media Launch

Event Planet really considered our target audience and came up with some wonderful quirky activities and beautiful branding concepts. Our three event days flowed smoothly and a number of guests remarked how much attention to detail there was, from the moment they walked into their rooms to the beautiful table settings at dinner. It was a pleasure working with the Event Planet team and I look forward to tapping into their creativity again soon!

Event Brief

To produce and activate the launch of the latest Audi A8 and S8 PI to a handpicked list of Australian motoring and lifestyle journalists. To ensure each journalist experiences the Audi vehicles to the full potential on the open roads through Bathurst, Mudgee and Wolgan Valley.

The Result

Journalists departed Sydney on the first flight to Bathurst – next stop, the Audi A8 & S8 PI Launch. Once landed at Bathurst airport, they were greeted by the fleet of Audi A8 and S8 PI vehicles and were handed over the keys to begin the Drive Program. With three journalists in each car, they travelled 130km to Mudgee where they stopped for lunch. The cars were re-fuelled and given a wipe down from the dirt roads. Once everyone, including the vehicles, were feeling refreshed they were back on the road for the final destination – the luxurious Wolgan Valley.

Another 130km, 4 kangaroos, a cow and several wombats later, guests arrived at the Wolgan Valley gates and settled into their luxury-laden suites featuring personalised door hooks, welcome mats and bathrobes. Guests enjoyed pre-dinner drinks and canapés in the custom-designed lounge where they mingled with the Audi team (including the technicians) before being invited through to the conference centre. Detailed presentations on the new A8 and S8 PI took place with a special appearance from Veronika Starringer, a leading member of the A8-product marketing team from Germany.

Following the experience, the journalists gathered on the scenic balcony at Wolgan Valley to enjoy a 3 course dinner under the stars, enjoying the unique serenity and beauty that the location has to offer. Not only did the journalists experience both sides of the A8 & S8 PI vehicles – as a driver and a passenger – they were also able to soak up the beautiful scenery. The Audi Drive program was an innovative way to present and showcase the luxury and technology in the amazing A8 and S8 PI vehicles.

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