Brown Brothers – Hidden Vineyards

What if, we thought, the Milawa vineyard was actually above us? It would be a reverse vineyard of sorts. Perfect! It was obvious then that picnic baskets should descend from the sky, giant fruit should adorn the corners of the field and an abundance of Prosecco should flow.

Event Brief

The brief was to bring a touch of the Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard to a secret location in the CBD of Melbourne and Sydney. The events were run in conjunction with the successful promotion of Brown Brothers Prosecco “We’re a curious bunch” campaign.

Each four day event was launched with a VIP evening and followed by three consecutive days of consumer events. The event concept was a whimsical, winery wonderland located in a secretly hidden warehouse. Packed picnic baskets filled with Milawa Dairy cheese and other delights descended from the vineyard in the sky and Prosecco filled every flute. Guests reclined and dined amongst the giant fruit pieces in the rolling hillside enjoying Milawa Dairy Cheese on their picnic rugs, then moved on to the pop up Prosecco Bar to sample more of the Brown Brothers products.

Scope of Services

Event Planet’s scope of services included: creative input & delivery for both the Melbourne and Sydney Events. This included conducting site inspections, supplier liaison and management, catering liaison, running schedules, progress updates, floor plan, theming & design, AV & production, entertainment management, budget management and more.

The Result

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Many thanks for last night, Steph and I had a ball. Wonderful theme, the wine was lovely, and the food was out of this world, best catering at an event I have been to – impressive.

The Secret Garden was one of my favourite childhood storybooks. Now Brown Brothers have brought a more grown up version to life with their pop-up Hidden Vineyard. I entered the space – at the utterly transformed Establishment Studios – to whispers from fellow guests of “it’s magical” and “genius”. Essentially they are hosting a summer Prosecco picnic in temporary urban winery. There’s delightful theatre in tugging on a wine bottle suspended from the ceiling, to find a wicker basket filled with treats from fellow Milawa producers drops onto your picnic rug.