We’re Hiring: Client Services Director



To oversee and lead Client Services at Event Planet.

To manage and grow our existing client accounts by devising client strategy, developing client relationships and delivering client objectives.

To seek and develop new client opportunities and engagements.

Client Services responsibilities:

  • To manage and grow commercial opportunities with existing clients to maximise revenue growth
  • To lead the client services process
  • To write and execute client development plans for key client relationships
  • To build and engage targeted new clients to maximise revenue growth
  • To lead and be accountable for the new business sales processes
  • To conduct outreach, client introductions and business development meetings
  • To prepare new client and project proposals, deliver live presentations and win pitches
  • To develop best practice in client servicing and to run regular sessions with the client servicing and production team to share knowledge and experiences
  • To undertake regular reporting and resource planning with management to assign appropriate team members to projects and resolve any issues
  • To obtain client feedback and drive increased in client satisfaction and engagement
  • To negotiate beneficial pricing and contract terms with client procurement teams
  • To personally lead one or two key client relationships

Leadership responsibilities:

  • To drive client services excellence and a culture of exceeding client expectations
  • To ensure the client servicing team are continually developing their event management and business development skills
  • To attract, develop and retain a talented team of producers, managers and coordinators
  • To build on the company’s existing track record of developing award-winning industry leaders

Corporate responsibilities:

  • To actively contribute to the corporate strategy and revenue growth of the company
  • To promote the company’s purpose and vision of ownership of its values and strategic objectives
  • To contribute to the development of a culture that enjoys the challenge of achieving performance targets and financial goals
  • To be responsible for self-development
  • To participate in the company’s performance development process
  • To carry out all duties in accordance with the company policies, procedures and standards


  • Over 8 years Australian event management industry experience
  • Significant client account management and senior executive experience
  • Proven track record in growing accounts, winning new business and sales pitches
  • Strong marketing thinking and understanding of communications disciplines
  • Exemplary client services skills with the ability to maintain and extend client relationships
  • Excellent time management and numeracy skills and attention to detail
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills and experience in interacting with senior stakeholders
  • Fluent, clear and articulate verbal communication
  • Excellent presentation and proposal pitching skills
  • Assertive and able to take charge of a situation, when appropriate
  • The ability to lead, motivate and influence others
  • Proven leadership experience managing team and coaching service teams
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, Outlook
  • Proficiency with Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Visio and Creative Suite (preferred not essential)
  • Proficiency with Pegasus Workflow Systems (preferred not essential as training can be provided)

The personal attribute requirements include:

  • Reliable and honest
  • Highly organised and efficient
  • Polite and professional
  • Neat, tidy and well presented
  • A team player
  • A positive attitude and outlook

The position is based at our offices in Potts Point, Sydney.

A vehicle and valid driver’s licence is preferred but not essential.

Some interstate travel for meetings and events will be required.


Position Published Monday 13th November 2017
Application Close Date Friday 15th December 2017 Unless an appointment is made prior
Salary Market; depends on applicants’ level of experience.
Estimated OTE $125,000 – $150,000
Type Full time permanent contract
Commencement Mid to late January 2018
Submission Instructions By email to amy@eventplanet.com.au before the stated close date.

Please ensure you note your name and the job title in the Email Subject e.g. Jane Smith – Job Application.

Please include;

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Responses to the following five questions;
  1. Please nominate two projects from 2017 that you have lead and are proud of. Please explain why in no more than three paragraphs.
  2. Please nominate two projects from 2017 that you have worked on and didn’t like. Please explain why and what you would change about them in no more than three paragraphs?
  3. What are your Top 5 professional attributes?
  4. What is your greatest professional achievement?
  5. If you are the successful candidate please explain your vision for the role and how you would like to see it develop over 12-24 months.


Event Planet comprises a talented and diversely skilled team of full-time Event Producers, Event Managers and Event Coordinators and is regarded as one of Australia’s most respected and reliable event management companies, producing a wide range of events for businesses and organisations in the corporate and government sectors.


Our Client Portfolio

Market-leading companies and brands who have recently engaged Event Planet’s services include Jaguar Land Rover, Google Australia, Veuve Clicquot, Moet et Chandon, DHL Worldwide, Cricket Australia, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, Cheesecake Shop, Mirvac, Marks & Spencer, PwC, Bloomberg, Bonds, Audi Australia, Tabcorp and E&Y.

In recent years, Event Planet has added a number of high profile Australian Federal Government departments and agencies into the client portfolio, having produced the National Broadband Network Forum and the Digital Television Switchover Conference for the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. Additionally, the company has produced the inaugural National e-Health Conference, the Australian Indigenous Leadership Forum and a number of key, multi-stakeholder events for Infrastructure Australia.



Event Planet has been recognised as the premier event management company in Australia by consecutively winning the prestigious and coveted Event Manager of the Year award at both the 2012 and 2013 Australian Event Awards. In the history of the awards, Event Planet is the only company to win the title more than once, let alone in back-to-back years. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, Event Planet was again named in the top echelon of Australian event agencies as a highly commended finalist for this title.



The pioneering spirit of the Event Planet leadership team is fuelled by four principled corporate values; integrity, originality, productivity and dependability.



Our award-winning directors, producers and event managers are recognised as one of Australia’s most creative and innovative event management teams. Collectively, we offer an unrivalled combination of national and international professional event management and live brand experience across a multitude of event types. Together, with the support of a dedicated full-time and in-house team of passionate and motivated individuals, plus our freelance counterparts, we deliver successful events that last long in the memory of our clients and their important guests.


The Event Manager Survival Kit


As an Event Manger you need to be a natural organiser, sometimes managing hundreds of people to deliver your event on time and on budget.  It can be daunting and while there are no secret shortcuts to becoming an experienced guru we have created a list of the Top 10 Items Event Managers’ need in their job Survival Kit.

Here’s out list of must-haves when on location at events.

  • 1. A Good Sense of Humour
    A big commitment to an event can make people a little bit stressed as they strive to achieve the maximum return on investment in a short space of time. Occasionally, things can do go wrong! A sense of humour in tricky situations lightens the mood and clears brain power for focusing on averting potentially disastrous situations with quick thinking and sometimes even quicker footwork. At Event Planet, we say, there are always variables to consider so it’s not always what happens but how it’s dealt with that matters most.



  • 2. Tape Measure
    Will the Ice Sculpture (insert any large, unwieldy object here) fit through the doorway? Accurate measurements and a ‘to scale’ floorplan can save a lot of time, risks and nasty surprises during any event set up. “Measure twice, cut once” is a good mantra for any Event Manager.



  • 3. Gaffer Tape
    Event Managers can never have enough gaffer tape at the ready. It’s the one thing to not let out of your sight as it does tend to go walkabout during bump in. If you have a quandary, an errant cable, a trip hazard or something that needs to be displayed on a vertical or horizontal surface ask if gaffer tape fix it? The answer is usually yes. Then the only decision is whether to use black or white or some other colour to make everything look seamless.



  • 4. Cable Ties
    This is the simple plastic tie that can secure many things in many ways. There is nothing worse than an unsightly spaghetti jumble of cords hanging out the back of the AV production desk or at a lectern. Tie it up for presentation and safety.



  • 5. Great Scissors
    Events usually involved a lot of stuff being delivered to the venue in boxes and trying to unpack them under time pressure. Saving stress by have the right tool for the job is the key. Make it easy to get into the boxes by having a great pair of scissors, a Stanley knife or a pocket knife on hand! It also helps if you write your name on them so they don’t grow legs and walk away.



  • 6. Phone Charger and Back Up Power
    Think no party, no power! This item speaks for itself.



  • 7. Double Sided Tape
    This little gem can hide a multitude of sins. It’s great for taping down signage, taping up decorations, stopping flyaway objects on a windy day and, of course, avoiding all kinds of embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions on the catwalk.



  • 8. Production Book or Running Sheet
    Every single moment counts at an event. Make sure everyone on the production team knows exactly what is happening and when – minute by minute, second by second – and who is responsible for doing it. The best events are conducted like an orchestra performance not a solo performance!



  • 9. Cleaning Products
    To ensure every single surface is spic and span a good Event Manager needs a handy suite of cleaning products; spray and wipe, cloths, rubber gloves, towels, Windex, a vacuum cleaner and an eye for detail. The gold standard is for every surface to be so clean someone could eat their dinner off it!


  • 10. Water, Water, Water
    Last but not least, all Event Managers need a well-hydrated brain and body to perform at their best. Make sure there is plenty of water onsite for all the event staff, production crews, promotional staff and others, always.


Have you got anything to add to our list?

Get in touch – we can design and seamlessly produce an event that uses every trick in our Survival Kit.

How to create an awesome Pop-Up Bar


With summer just around the corner, venues all over the country will be thinking about ways to leverage in-venue promotions while maintaining an element of surprise and delight for their customers.

Yes, it is the season of the Pop-Up – and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited to unleash our latest creations across some of Australia’s most premiere venues (stay tuned)! The reason for their popularity is the the Pop-Up Bar is the perfect way to encourage people to socialise with and enjoy your brand.

We know how easy is it to get excited and jump on the Pop-Up bandwagon without a second thought, so if you’ve been toying with the idea of creating your own activation but are unsure of where to start – you’re in the right place.

Here, the Event Planet team share their favourite bite-sized tips for creating a Pop-Up Bar that gets people talking. Cheers to that!


  • Location, location
    First things, first. Sounds simple, but does your target market hang-out at your chosen venue? For example, you wouldn’t put a top-shelf champagne Pop-Up in a grungy hipster ‘dive’ bar.


Veuve Cliquot Pop Up Bar Sydney Opera House

  • Work the room
    Draw on the key features of the venue to work into your Pop-Up Bar design. Is there a pool? Is there a grand staircase, outdoor dining area or beachfront to work with? Considering the context will help to synergise your Pop-Up with the setting. For example, the simple Moet et Chandon Pop-Ups at the races feature elegant floral decorations to tie-in with the season.

EP (25 of 136)_HERO 2


  • Think photo opportunity
    Customers want to participate and feel as though they are involved in your Pop-Up Bar experience. By creating a level of interaction or engagement for guests – a cute hashtag, fun media wall, quirky furniture and dress-up props all encourage customers to snap and share.


photo booths at Pop Up bars


  • Make it inclusive
    The last thing you want when creating a Pop-Up destination is for customers to confuse it with a ‘VIP area’, so keep fencing to a minimum and make sure it looks warm, friendly and inviting – not sterile, or ‘cordoned off’. A good example are the Canadian Club Pop-Ups – the simple, retro design and ‘Farmer’s market stall’ feel make them bold but approachable.



  • Make it modular
    Keeping your design modular and scaleable allows for greater involvement by more venues of different sizes. This flexibility means venues can pick and choose what elements they want for their particular space. The cool, 50s-style diner Veuve Clicquot airstream Pop-Up comes with a range of infrastructure options, from a retro London-inspired phone booth to classic park benches, market umbrellas and branded outdoor furniture, lamp poles, and potted plants.



  • Stylish Branding
    Keeping your branding on point, quirky and relevant. Staff dressed in branded t-shirts or uniforms are mandatory so guests can identify them easily and put a face to the product they are enjoying.  Coasters, napkins, glasses, umbrellas and cushions should carry your logo and tie back with your Pop-Up Bar theme colours. Next, make it unique! We have branded ping pong tables, sandcastles, ponies, pools, florals, living walls and more. Let your imagination run wild!


Are you planning a Pop-Up Bar this summer?

Get in touch and let us design and produce it for you.

We’re finalists again for Australian Event Company of the Year!


We’re vying for the Event Management Company of the Year title for the 5th consecutive time at the 2016 Australian Event Awards being held on the Gold Coast on September 21, 2016.

While celebrating our 15th anniversary we have proudly designed and delivered over 100 events for more than 35 clients, in Australia and overseas. Our continued dedication to being consistently exceptional, cultivating talent and leadership within the team, embracing technology and contributing to the Australian event industry has again seen Event Planet recognised in the top echelon of agencies.

Some recent event highlights for the qualifying period include the much talked about Cliquot Beach House, the Australia-Wide roll-out of the Philippines Tourism Roadshow, Land Rover Polo Club and Marks and Spencer Online Store launch.

We’ve got our fingers and toes crossed for a 2016 trophy to join our previous wins in 2012 and 2013.




How To Make A Snow Lounge!


As part of the fun and festivities at Thredbo during Clicquot in the Snow, Event Planet commissioned a giant Snow Lounge at the base of the mountain. Great branding and a superb spot to stop, rest and  have a photo taken on the way to the chairlift!

Watch the video below for a timelapse of the creation of the Snow Lounge.